About 70% of our work is a result of some form of water damage. Our water damage equipment consists of over 125 items used for sourcing, extracting and drying.

Here is some of the equipment we have on-hand:

· dehumidifiers

· turbo and axial fans

· Airwolf and InterAir Drying Systems (for those hard to dry areas)

· Rescue Mat Systems (for drying hardwood floors)

· water pumps

· infrared cameras

· moisture detectors

· air scrubbers

· water extractors

We also offer onsite cleaning services for fire, smoke, vandalism etc. 

Our warehouse storage is very limited in size, so if it becomes necessary to remove contents from the site, we have fully insured sub-contractors with on-site containers available, or the use of a heated warehouse with a crated storage facility until reconstruction is complete. 

We provide emergency services and reconstruction to all large and small residential structures in case of:

· water damage

· sewer backup

· wind

· snow load

· fire

· heat

· smoke

· exposure

· vandalism

· tree impact

· vehicle impact

· demolition and debris removal

· pool repair and replacement